Park Family Fun is a place where your kids have fun. With their safety in the mind we ask you to read and follow the rules.

  1. The use of Park Family Fun (also called Playground) is payable and specified in the current price list.
  2. The playground is designed for children of age 1-12. The children in that age range and underaged people remains under protection of parents or caretakers of legal age. Managment or staff are not responsible for looking after children. The exception is indiviual care.
  3. The children, who are under the age of 1, enter the Park Family Fun for free. Minors between 13-18 years old enter the playground according to the current price list.
  4. Parents/ caretakers are responsible for all the damage and soiling that has been done by their children and must cover any costs of fixing or cleaning. The exception is individual care.
  5. To enter the Park Family Fun area you must go through the gate using an electronic chip. That is tantamount to acceptance of the regulations and price list.
  6. For damaging or losing the electronic chip inside the card a fee of 20 PLN will be charged.
  7. On the Park Family Fun area an organised groups are allowed. For a group to be recognized as organised it must consist of min. 15 children at the age of 3-12 years old. The group must have the right number of caretakers. The staff and the managment are not taking care of the organised group.
  8. Organised groups can use the playground Monday to Friday in hours 10am-3pm. Other terms must be quoted individually with personnel.
  9. On the Playground premises clients are required to leave their shoes in the locker room.
  10. You have to leave outwear in the locker room. The managing body is not responsible for any items left on the ground of Park Family Fun, with the locker room excluded. Any items left at the Playground are being kept for 14 days. The use of locker room is free and available after getting the key from the personnel. For losing or damaging key a fee of 50 PLN will be charged.
  11. The Park Family Fun area is monitored. The security footage will not infringe personal and other rights of our Clients.
  12. In case of dangerous behaviour, which pose a risk to other users of the Playground, personnel or the managment have a right to ask Guests to follow instructions or leave without cost recovery.
  13. In the Park Family Fun area it is forbidden:
  • to bring dangerous items that could pose a risk to people who are on the Playground area,
  • to carry in food or drinks,
  • to climb on the outher side of the construct,
  • to smoke or to consume alcohol or narcotic drugs,
  • to bring animals. 
  1. Entering the Playground premises caretakers should make sure of safety of their children by removing and taking all items that could pose a risk for them, in particular: necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings, belts with sharp buckles, pens, phones, clothes with long strings, etc.
  2. In the Park Family Fun area it is forbidden:
  • to push others,
  • to behave aggressively and to get in fight,
  • to climb uphill slides,
  • to bring balls on the go-kart track,
  • to walk or run on the go-kart track,
  • not to obey the Rules of safety use of particular equipment and attractions.
  1. On the Park Family Fun premises it is forbidden to carry in food or drinks, an exception is the food for kids under the age of 1 year old. The place meant for eating is Cafe area and the birthday room. In the Playground area you must not eat or drink and you must not chew a gum.
  2. Orders can be placed in the cafe until 7.15 pm
  3. In case of chance events, accidents, or other behaviour that is endangering the personnel should be informed.
  4. The managment is not responsible for accidents that are caused by not following the Regulations, Instructions and advice of personnel.
  5. Clients are responsible for all damages that are caused by incorrect using of the Playground.
  6. The managment is not responsible for break in functioning of the Playground that are caused by higher power such as for example the lack of electrical energy, etc..
  7. Complaints will be considered only on the day of your visit to the Park Family Fun. To make a complaint you need to show the proof of payment for the service of the Park Family Fun.
  8. Image of people who are visiting the Playground area may be saved and then publicised with the purpose of running promotional and marketing campaign, including the one via Internet.
  9. Changing the ticket is possible for 5 minutes from making payment for admission. 

Thank you for following aforementioned rules. We wish you great fun and an unforgettable experience.

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